Even Even More Spoilers

Ok, if you were wondering if the Eureka Room is for you and you have clicked this far because you’re still not sure if the Eureka Room is for you… I’m pretty sure the Eureka Room is not for you.
This news might be disappointing for you.

Or surprising to you that a business actively discourages potential customers.

I know. It surprises me, too.

But I’m not telling you “no. you can’t visit.” You can still visit. That is up to you. Maybe you will reflect on the information I’ve given here and decide that is worth taking the chance to come to the Eureka Room. Maybe not. Whichever the case, I hope you find the thing you need! Thank you for your time and for considering the Eureka Room. -Mike


PS: Ok, you can actually see total spoilers here even though it really doesn’t do the experience justice,  but I’m really thinking this is not the kind of thing you should be visiting.