An Experience Like No Other

The Eureka Room is a fun and absurd participatory experience for friends and strangers. Visitors engage with curious and playful programming within a one-of-a-kind one hundred square foot room filled with light and sound.

Is The Eureka Room Right For You?

If you enjoy acting absurd and meeting other fun people, the Eureka Room is probably your kind of place.

The less you know, the better. (But here’s some spoilers if you’re still not sure.)

How Do Visitors Describe The Eureka Room?

“I’m not sure how to explain the Eureka Room, either, reader. But I can tell you that you really shouldn’t miss this.”

The Eureka Room is also listed on IRLXD’s Weird Things To Do In Austin

Location and Contact Information

The Eureka Room is by reservation only.

It is located less than a mile from downtown Austin, at 1408 E. Cesar Chavez. For questions, please see the FAQ, email or call/text (512) 766-9955‬