Even Even More Spoilers

Wow, I’m thinking maybe you really don’t like surprises.
Have you read the FAQ?
Ok, if you read the FAQ and you still want to know more, here’s a few more details:
When you arrive at The Eureka Room, you discover that it is an ordinary house.
When you knock on the door, I will answer it and you will be led into the waiting room.
The waiting room looks like this, except instead of these people it will be you:
You will be greeted by me, given some information and then be led into the Eureka Room for the programs.
That’s where you will be murdered.
Ha ha just kidding. That is where you will see the programs.
Some of the programs you will just sit back and look at the colors and listen to music.
Other programs have some loose rules and instructions. They are strange rules but not challenging.
Well, actually they are challenging if you don’t like rules or interacting with other people. If you are a wallflower type, this is probably not for you.
If you like to scream, point at people and high five, then you will probably like the Eureka Room.
If you need things to make sense, then the Eureka Room is not for you. If you can find enjoyment in mild confusion, then the Eureka Room is for you.
Here is a picture that pretty much gives it all away:
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