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What is The Eureka Room?

The Eureka Room is a boutique immersive experience room filled with light and sound. The room measures a cozy one hundred square feet and accommodates around six people.
Video-led instruction guides visitors though different programs, each lasting 10 to 20 minutes. The programs have been described as “absurdist”, “wholly unique”, and “indescribable”.
The Eureka Room is not a passive experience. The Eureka Room only works if visitors are willing to participate and engage with other visitors. The participation is designed to be enjoyable and easy.

Um. Ok, but what really happens at The Eureka Room?

Much of the enjoyment of The Eureka Room comes from the surprises, so it’s best that you know as little as possible.

Do you sell gift cards?

You can buy a gift voucher for a specific amount OR for a specific experience from the visit page.

How do I redeem my gift card/voucher?

If you already have a gift voucher, and do not see any available times – do not fear! You can email me and I will work to set up a time for you.
If you have a $100+ gift voucher it is good for a private booking. If you have an amount that is less than $100, you can pay the difference to get a private booking, or you can use it to join a mixed group.

What is the difference between private group and mixed group?

A private group ticket means that your group of four to six people will have the room to yourselves.
A mixed group ticket means that you may be sharing the experience with other people who also have mixed group tickets. If you are concerned about that, read the full FAQ and/or email me if you have questions.

Why is it ages 16 and up?

While the content is essentially G-rated, the content isn’t designed for kids. There’s irony, dry wit, wordplay, long pauses intended to be humorous, tongue-in-cheekedness, and intentional incongruities. Most of these are lost on kids and they think it’s boring.

Am I the type or person that will enjoy The Eureka Room?

The Eureka Room is for you if you are willing and interested in engaging in playful absurdity.
I strongly recommend you do not visit if you are a usually a wallflower, you absolutely hate participation, and/or have a type-A personality.
I would not bring your teenager. Teenagers generally do not like to be playful around adults and you will both probably hate the whole experience.

What size group do I need?

Since the programs are participatory, they require a minimum number of people.
Ideally your group will have 5-6 people. Six is ideal.

What if I don’t have that many people?

Not to worry! It’s better that way, actually.
For solo attendees and smaller groups, I will work with you to combine your group with others. I’ve had over 1200 people visit and I’m confident that sharing the experiences with strangers is more fun.
Please don’t bring anyone who you know isn’t going to be into The Eureka Room. That’s just a bummer for all of us. Instead, join with other small groups and meet new people who share your interest in participatory immersive experiences!

Can I bring more than 6 people?

Maybe. I know there are many groups that are out celebrating birthdays and other occassions and don’t want to have to tell some people to wait in the car while you have fun in the Eureka Room. Here’s what I can do.
I can have up to 8 people for $20 per person. As a result, there will be some programs with a bit more obstructed view and a little less fun. A couple programs will actually be better. But you won’t get the “ideal” experience. If you are just here to have fun as a group, 8 people will almost certainly be fine. If you’re the type that wants it as designed, I would stick to six people.
If you have 8 or more people, depending on schedules I might be able to do two back-to-back showings for two smaller groups. Email me mike@eurekaroom.com and let me know your situation.

How long does it last?

A typical visit lasts around an hour.

Are there flashing lights? I have a health-related issue/concern.

There are many flashing and strobing lights. You may be affected by The Eureka Room if you are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or have other photo sensitivities. If you have questions, email me.
For those who are sensitive to the “rainbow effect” caused by some projectors, I use a 3-chip projector which eliminates the rainbow effect.

Is The Eureka Room ADA accessible?

Unfortunately The Eureka Room is currently located in a home that is not ADA accessible. When the Eureka Room moves to a new location in 2021 I will do my best to make sure it will be ADA accessible.

Will visually or hearing impaired persons enjoy The Eureka Room?

Unfortunately, most of The Eureka Room is visual so I would not recommend it for the visually-impaired.
I have had a couple hearing-impaired people visit and was able to accommodate them pretty well. If you are interested hearing-impaired programs, please contact me.

I’m still not sure. What should I do?

If you’ve read all of this website and the FAQs and are not feeling excited about visiting The Eureka Room, I strongly recommend against visiting.

Is there a place to eat or drink nearby?

Yes. Many. A one minute walk to pizza and drinks at Love Supreme, and just a few minutes more to many other great places including Schoolhouse Pub, Mi Madre’s, Patrizi’s, Hoover’s, El Chilito, Salty Sow, and El Chile. There’s also trailers Thai Thani and Abo Youseff (both awesome). In the other direction is Oddwood Brewery, La Fruta Feliz, and Batch Kolaches and Brewery.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions please contact me here.