Large Groups

Up to 12 people can enjoy the Eureka Room at the same time!


The Eureka Room is popular for team building, birthday parties, and groups attending conferences at the nearby convention center.


To book a large group,  please send the DATE, TIME(s), and NUMBER OF PEOPLE in your group to me at booking@eurekaroom.comYou can also call or text 512 766 9955.


Tip for faster booking: Look at the booking page to make sure the time you requested does not already have some tickets booked.

Large Group FAQs

I understand. Please see this page for a complete overview of what happens. 

If you have more questions,  just email me at!

The Eureka Room is the $25 per person regardless of group size. 

The Eureka Room works best with 8-10 people and can accommodate up to 12 people. 

Larger groups often split into two groups. While one group is in the experience, the other group hangs out at one of the nearby coffee shops, bars or restaurants within walking distance.

Each group's experience is just under an hour.

Generally, yes. The participation element encourages people to interact with each other. The non-competitive nature helps bond participants. And it's fun.

The Eureka Room works best for those people who like other people, are playful, curious, and don't find following some absurd instructions.