To maximize your fun at The Eureka Room, only view the spoilers which you really must know. For more general questions, please see the FAQ.

Each visit to The Eureka Room consists of multiple experiences which last 10-20 minutes each.

Some of them you just sit back and relax and watch the colors and listen to the sounds.

Some of them are similar to games.

Some of them are absurd videos that invite you to do things like point, yell, and high five for unclear reasons.

That last kind is the best kind.

You don't have to be creative in any way. There's no singing or hugging or sharing feelings or thoughts or talking about yourself or anything like that.

Most of the activities work like this: you are asked to say some catchphrases to other people when the narrator asks you to. 

There's also some pointing and high-fiving and handing things to people. It's all done in a cooperative and playful way and goofing around is encouraged but not required.

The Eureka Room is only fun for people who want to do the activities.

If you or the people you are thinking about visiting with are not really into doing the activities described in the question above, please do not visit. You will probably hate it

Words that have been used to describe the room include “absurd”, “lighthearted”, “playful”, “weird”, “interactive”, "exciting", "joyful", "high energy", and probably most often, “fun”.

One overly serious and uptight person called it "stupid", but we take that as a compliment. (We said it was absurdist!)

No. The Eureka Room is about participating in fun and absurd activities with everyone else in the room. The visuals are really cool, but they are just a backdrop to the participation.

Please do not show up high. If you show up high you are going to be overwhelmed by the instructions and ruin the fun for yourself and others.

It depends.

If you buy a private group ticket, then it's just you and the group you bring.

For smaller groups I sell mixed group tickets, which means I combine your group with others until we get about 5-6 people. I think the mixed group is way more fun because you get to meet other people who are interested in things like The Eureka Room.

The Eureka Room is in a small house. The room itself is about 100 square feet. Up to 10 people can stand comfortably in the room and enjoy their experience.

The Eureka Room is not about being super high tech. Yes it has 20,000+ LEDs behind its screens and is very immersive, but the main reason people come here is to have fun with other people, not be impressed by the technology or visuals. If your only interest is in being wowed by tech, this is probably not where you need to be.

The Eureka Room appeals to fans of Meow Wolf, but is different in important ways. First, it is boutique - just one 100 square foot room for 4-10 people. Second, it is designed to be participatory and connect visitors in absurd fun activities.

The Eureka Room does not find this question important, but some say no and some say yes.

Okay! Check this out. Watch out for the rabbit hole.

Have you read the FAQ? There’s some other details there. You can always email me, too. 

And if you absolutely must, you can also read even more spoilers here. But geez you sure don't like surprises do you?