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What to know before visiting

The Eureka Room is participatory!

The Eureka Room is for ages 16 and up!

The Eureka Room is unlike anything you’ve ever done before!

Important: Less than 4 people in your group?

You can sign up for any showing that has tickets available but if we don’t hit 4 people, then I may have to cancel and refund your purchase because it’s just not that fun with less than 4 people. I suggest you find a showing that has already sold some of its 8 tickets.

If the showing is a couple hours away and we still don’t have enough tickets, I will text you to let you know that we might have to reschedule or refund. This doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes it does. Sorry!

Pro tip: Many people wait on the sidelines for other people to start buying tickets. If you buy your tickets first, then others will often see that and buy theirs. (Plus you’ll get to choose the time you go instead of having to go when some other group chose). If it doesn’t work out I always give a full refund!

If you find this explanation confusing, email me at and let me know your situation. Thanks!

Can’t Find A Time That Works For You?

Rustle up a group of 4 or more people, then contact me about setting up a time that works for you.

Have Questions?

If you have questions, please see the FAQ or email me at