The Eureka Room

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Austin's Top 3 Weirdest Attractions

Looking for Austin’s weirdest attractions? Here’s three for you!

The Cathedral of Junk

A towering “cathedral” of just about every kind of junk imaginable. A must-see of Austin weirdness. Reservations are required and it can take a while to get hold of Vince – he doesn’t have email, a website, or voicemail. Worth the effort!



The Eureka Room

This downtown room of fun absurdity has only been open a few months and already has over 200 5-star reviews on Google. What is it? You’ll have to reserve a spot to find out. But it’s a great way to have fun with friends and strangers. Read more about the Eureka Room here.


Eureka Room Building Outside
Austin's One-of-a-Kind Eureka Room

Museum of the Weird

This dirty sixth museum is all about oddities and strange objects. There’s even the famous iceman on the second floor.  If you’re into the creepy kind of weird, this is your place!


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