The Eureka Room

Team Building


Detailed Booking Information

The Eureka Room is open but in a transition phase and is currently a one-person operation (me, Mike Michaels).  Thanks for your patience!

For Groups of 6-10 Participants

Please email me at with your preferred dates and times for your visit.

Groups of 1-5 Participants

I arrange combined group sessions about once a week. Usually on Friday afternoons. If I currently have showings for mixed groups you’ll see it on the booking page here. However I do understand some people are here only a few days and really want to see the Eureka Room, so feel free to email me your situation and I’ll see what I can do.

Important to Know!

I don’t do showings on Friday nights or weekends.

I don’t accept same day bookings.

The experience is $25 per person, plus tax. (No hidden booking fees!)

Ages 16 and up, only.

It lasts about an hour. 

See the FAQ for more information.

I also recommend you sign up for the newsletter to find out when showings happen. 

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