The Eureka Room

Team Building


Detailed Booking Information

The Eureka Room is open but in a transition phase and is currently a one-person operation (me, Mike Michaels).  Thanks for your patience!

If you have 1-5 Participants…

Option 1: Mixed Group. I combine smaller groups together into one showing. These typically happen on Friday afternoons. If I currently have showings for mixed groups you’ll see them and can book them on the booking page here


Option 2: Private Group. I typically have a minimum of 6 people for private showings but if you want a 4-5 person private showing, you can buy the 6 ticket minimum and visit with your 4-5 person group. Email me with your preferred dates and times for your visit!

If you have 6-10 Participants…

Please email me with your preferred dates and times for your visit!

If you have 11-12 Participants…

I generally don’t recommend 11-12 people because it can be a bit tight in the room. But if you are interested, please email with your preferred dates and times!

If you have more than 12 Participants…

Email me with your approximate headcount!

Important to Know!

It takes a while to set up, so I don’t accept same day bookings.

Hours: MTWH 1pm-7pm.  Friday 1pm-6pm. Closed Sat/Sun except for groups of 10+


My email is


The experience is $25 per person, plus tax. (No hidden booking fees!)


Ages 16 and up, only.


It lasts about an hour. 


See the FAQ for more information.


I also recommend you sign up for the newsletter to find out when showings happen. 

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