The Eureka Room

Team Building


Total Spoilers

Here’s what happens at the Eureka Room. 

There are some real spoilers here. You have been warned.

Physical Requirements

You sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes and are standing inside the Eureka Room for 40 minutes. I can make accomodations for people who can’t stand for long, but it typically goes by really quickly for people.
You’ll also need the use of two hands for some of the actions. Depending on each person’s situation I may or may not be able to accommodate physical limitations. Please contact me before you book.

Flashy Lights

There are some flashing lights (though not strobes). I’ve had over 2000 people visit without incident (even oner person with epilepsy), but please make sure your group is aware in case their sensitivity differs. I’ve been to concerts with more flashing lights than the Eureka Room, but I err on the side of caution.

Arriving at The Eureka Room

This is what the outside looks like:

Eureka Room Building Outside

You will knock on the door and be greeted by one of us.

Eureka Room Front Door

When you come to the house, the group sits on some benches in the waiting room.  You will be in the waiting room for about 10 minutes.

Eureka Room Waiting Room

While there, I play a short 5 minute video about the Eureka Room.

Eureka Room TV

Entering The Eureka Room

The room consists of floor to ceiling walls of lights on the left and right that are 12 feet long. The room is 8 feet wide and in the front is a big video screen.

What Happens in The Eureka Room

For the first 5 minutes, it’s passive. Just interesting lights and sounds.

Looking at lights in the room

Then, there’s some other programs with a pre-recorded narrator who gets people interacting in fun/goofy ways with each other. Such as high fiving and pointing at each other and shouting ridiculous phrases.

All of the content is essentially “G-rated”. 
Red high five

All the while, there’s lights and sounds going that add to the energy.

The last part involves some props and a co-operative game.

Inside the Room playing games
The entire time in the room is about 40 minutes.
At the end there is the opportunity to take photos.
Taking photo at end with eureka room backdrop

People think it is fun.

Leaving room smiling

You exit the room and go into the gift shop where there’s more information about the Eureka Room as well as some merchandise for sale.

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